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Disclaimer II (Bonus DVD)

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  • Seether is a Real Band. There is no filler on this Album. Seether sounds like the kind of band who puts their heart into their songs, every song. There isnt a single bad song on this Cd. Sure, some arent as good as others, but I definately would never skip through a Seether song.

    Gasoline -10/10- A Great Song. Very Hard, Very Catchy all at once. The Lyrics could creep out the weak of heart, but us hardcore people dont mind a lil blood every now and then. Terrific song, probably my Favorite Seether Song.

    69 Tea -8/10- A Good Song. Good, as in comparison to other Seether songs on this CD. If it was on a Soundtrack or whatever, it would be the best song on there, but it simply cannot compare to the better songs on the CD, and for that reason it’s an 8. And An 8 doesnt make it a bad song, I still like this song alot.

    Fine Again -10/10- I believe this was their first single, if Im not mistaken which is possible I Am. I first heard this song and thought it was nice, but I’d pass over it. But the more I Heard it, the more It grew on me. Fantastic Song, wonderful.

    Needles -8/10- A Very Hard Song by Seether. The Lyrics lack a certain pizzazz that most Seether songs are, but this isnt a song to take too lightly. I Think its a good song when you’re in the mood to rip someones head off.

    Driven Under -10/10- Sheer Genius. I cant help but to just love this song. A Slower song by Seether, but that doesnt make it any less amazing. The Lyrics are dead-on and honest, but leave room for interpretation, which is a good thing. This song can mean so many things to so many people, and still be just as amazing. My Second Favorite Song On the CD Probably.

    Pride -8/10- My Friend Heather loves this Song. It’s not my favorite Seether Song, but definately worth a listen.

    Sympathetic -7/10- Something is lacking. If there was one filler track, it’d be this one. But considering there is 20 Tracks, I dont expect any filler. If I were to skip a song, it’d be this one.

    Your Bore -8/10- Pretty Bland, and cut from the crop of Seether songs. But nothing is surprisingly really wrong with this song. It’s Solid, it’s enjoyable, and singable. Not a song I would skip over.

    Fade Away -10/10- A Slow Seether Song. But powerful none-the-less. It doesnt seem quite like a Ballad, but it may just be Seether’s one attempt at a ballad. The Lyrics arent cutting too deep, but they do gleam emotion.

    Pig -9/10- A Harder song like Gasoline. Sorta makes me wanna play Air Guitar everytime I listen to it. It has a beautiful mix of slower and harder parts, which I think Seether pulls off very well, and this song is a very good example of it.

    FXXK It -10/10- Wow, what can I Say. It’s an amazing song. Surprisingly Hard, and Slow. This plays Seether songs very well if you know what I mean, this song is what Seether does best. My Number Three Favorite song, but it’s a good contender for number two. I listen to this Track all the way through, everytime I Hear it. It’s so aggressive, and during the Versus, so passive/aggrisive that it makes the Extremely Hard Chorus even Harder sounding.

    Broken -10/10- The original version of Broken without Amy Lee. This was on Disclaimer I, and the verison with Amy Lee wasnt. Metal fans say that Amy Lee ruined it, and they love this version better. Frankly, I could listen to either one, and love it just the same.

    Sold Me -7/10- A Very Hard Song, but Seether doesnt seem to pull it off too well in comparison with all their others. It sounds sort of Nirvana-esque on the Drumming, which is a nice change of sort, but just not Seether’s complete style. I’d skip this one.

    Cigarettes -7/10- Cigarettes are mini-cigars. Seriously, look at the name… Cigar-ettes. Isnt that crazy? Anyway. Not my favorite song, but Im sure somebody out there would like it. I like it, just in comparison with the other awesome songs, it gets a Seven.

    Love Her -9/10- Alright, now at this Track on the CD, Seether starts kicking it back into gear and doing what they do best. Emotional Music. Seether is better than Staind, because Seether is more real. Staind is too “Parents Suck I Hate Them” which is aggrivating after a long while, but Seether is more into Love Relationships.

    Take Me Away -9/10- Yes, yes. (claps) Acoustic sounds very good with Seether’s Style. Im surprised more songs arent Acoustic. (wipes tear) Just lovely.

    Got It Made -8/10- Something is missing from this song, I cant exactly put my finger on it. Like, they couldve made it better somehow, someway. And all I can think about is ways to improve this song everytime I hear it. But it gets an 8 because all my other friends seem to enjoy this song and find nothing wrong with it.

    Out Of My Way -9/10- Interesting change of pace for Seether. Sounds like they tried to do pop-rock while keeping their usual Grunge-ish sound. Surprisingly they pulled it off quite well.

    Hang On -8/10- Sounds like most of other Seether songs. But it’s not as good. Which isnt a bad thing ,I’d still not skip this track. It’s just repetitive up to this point, mabey if it was earlier in the CD it would sound better.

    Broken Amy Lee -10/10- Like I said, some people hate this version, saying that Amy Lee ruined it. And I dont like Evanescence, I truly dont. Im an Avid-Evan hater. But I dont think she ruined this song. It was a great song without her, and a great song with her. She just added a new level to it, which doesnt take away from it. But she doesnt really ADD anything to it except her voice.

    Posted on March 4, 2010