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Disco Volante

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  • Well, Mr. Bungle isn’t a person — more of an entity — but it’s still just about the greatest musical project ever conceived (give or take). But beware…coming into physical contact with this CD may cause catastrophic mental discorporation. Actually, I think it’s pretty hilarious when one-star reviews say, “How can anyone give this five-stars?” I’m giving it the highest rating here, but honestly…I have no idea why! This CD has caused irreparable injury to my poor mind. Mr. Bungle’s second album, Disco Volante, is just as hard to describe as the first, perhaps more so. While the first was a sort of circus-funk-metal-crusher-miscellaneous album, this one can’t be broken down as easily. Some songs employ thrashy metal, others smooth jazz, and others techno. So what is it? It’s just Mr. Bungle.”Desert Search for Techno Allah” is phat techno with a Middle Eastern flavor. “The Bends” is an epic, atmospheric journey with an ending that sounds like a 747 is landing on top of you. “Carry Stress in the Jaw” mixes tasty circus jazz with hectic metal and what I’d call a “performance under pressure” by vocalist Mike Patton. For the second half of this track, “The Secret Song” makes an appearance, featuring an old man (sounding like Grampa Simpson, performed by Trevor Dunn) who excitedly sings about discovering the secret song! “Violenza Domenstica” sounds like a schizophrenic horror movie soundtrack. “Backstrokin’” continues “The Bends”‘ aquatic sonics with a 50s-style rock/R&B factor. “Everyone I Went to High School With Is Dead” is a sludgy mess of distorted guitars that works strangely like a hypnotizing mantra. “Merry Go Bye Bye” is like rockabilly-Muzak (or easy pop, maybe). It explodes into a thrash/death fest with some crazy keyboard effects. “Ma Meeshka Mow Skwoz” is an exhilarating cartoon-like piece with a language of its own. And there’s more!Mr. Bungle is better.

    Posted on February 19, 2010