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  • No big secret: Mr. Bungle is weird. But what seperates Mike Patton & Co. from the Insane Clown Posses, Slipknots, and Mudvaynes of the world is the fact that they understand what music is. They believe in challenging themselves and their fans while other acts put themselves into artistic cruise control by putting out the same album over and over. You see, the first album was a somewhat juvenile cicus/punk/funk/metal/sleaze fest, the magnificent third album California was strangely accessible with a few songs that could pass for (GASP!!!) pop, and the one here in between,… Well I haven’t quite put my finger on it yet. A few songs that illustate the album’s insanity include:1. Everybody I Went…- A Melvins style sludge number with no regard for melody whatsoever. What made this song so bizarre is that it is one of the more accessible songs on the album.2. Carry Stress in the Jaw – The first half of the song consists unorthodox but disciplined drumming, a quote from Edgar Allen Poe, Patton’s lounge lizard vocals, and a thrash metal guitar that doesn’t quite match the rhythm. The second half is good ol’ funky surf rock with Granpa Simpson singing lead vocals. ROCK ON, ABRAHAM!!!3. Desert Search for Techno Allah – Middle Eastern techno, Okay?4. Afterschool Special – Nice breezy pop that sounds like something the Brady Bunch or the Partridge Family would sing along to. However, if they knew what they were singing about, they would die of sheer fright.5. The Bends – A ten-minute plus aquatic epic of sorts that throughout its duration is groovy, hilarious, scary, strange, beautiful, trippy, but never boring. Try listening to the “scream” effect toward the end in the dark with headphones alone. If you don’t, you’re cheating yourself. 6. Platypus – Imagine Black Sabbath jamming with a vaudeville band.7. Merry-Go-Bye-Bye – They saved the best for last. What starts out as a country/rockabilly ditty switches into Slipknot style death metal: minus the insipid profane and misanthropic lyrics.Strange stuff indeed. I respect anyone who disagrees with me on this point but the sole reason I can’t give this album five stars is the fact that I can’t recommend this to the average music listener. Some of the songs are so unstructured and left-of-center, you begin to wonder if it can still be called music. I have to deduct a half-star with a heavy heart. But one more thing before I submit my review, how can you possibly go wrong with a member who calls himself (I apologize if I’m not totally accurate) Uncooked Meat Prior to State Vector Collapse. I wish Mom and Dad would have named me that.Overall rating: 4.5 stars.

    Posted on February 20, 2010