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Diver Down

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  • I remember when this album (not CD – vinyl album!) first came out. I was living in a 3rd floor walk-up in Boston, so broke that it took four of us to pay the rent with our part-time jobs – going to school full-time – and hanging out – lying on the floor mostly – listening to music. When Diver Down came out, we spent grocery money to get it! Who could resist Eddie’s infectious smile, as his fingers raced over the frets? Who could ignore Diamond Dave’s stratospheric leaps? So, we forked over the bucks – and we were in heaven! “Dance the Night Away” – “Pretty Woman” – “Where have all the Good Times Gone?” – to this day – some of my favorite songs of all time. And when they ended with a chorus of “Happy Trails” – we died… there, on the spot, we fell over with glee. An album of pure fun and masterful guitar – what more could you ever want?

    Posted on February 21, 2010