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Diver Down

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  • I have to say that this album is a masterpiece. Perhaps more eclectic than other DLR era Vh albums, but just mentioning the singer, he really rocks on this one.
    ‘Where have all the good times gone’ is awesome classic rock, cover or no cover. ‘Hang ‘em high’ is a great punk-ish sought of song and Cathedral is a fantastic instrumental intro for an underrated song called ‘Secrets’. And ‘intruders’ is a haunting intro to ‘Pretty Woman’.

    ‘Dancing in the street’ is really energetic and features some guitar pyrotechincs that reach an even greater level on ‘Little guitars’, one of the greatest songs ever! IMO. ‘Big bad Bill is sweet William now’ has a Louis Armstrong kind of sound and has humourous lyrics. Talent runs in the family? Jan Van Halen plays great clarinet work on that one. The ‘Full Bug’ rocks and ‘Happy Trails’ ends the album with a smile.
    Recommended buying

    Posted on February 21, 2010