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Diver Down

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  • Ah, Diver Down. Nestled between the controversy are 4 fantastic heavy-rock songs from the band that took the torch from Zep. The only songs I have a problem with on the album are the too-silly “Happy Trails” and the mediocre “Pretty Woman”. “Big Bad Bill” is a funny and swinging change of pace and “The Full Bug” is a raunchy, underrated gem. And yes, the band themselves aren’t crazy about this album. And it is short. But, oh man, those 4 songs! Songs from a band that is mostly overshadowed by their guitarist …..a band that has the funk born of great timing and musicianship and love forwhat they do….1) Where have all the Good Times Gone? – Eddie makes the indestructible Kinks riff his own.You just want it to go on forever. Alex displays Bonzo-style taste and restraint. Dave was never more charismatic. They made it look easy.2) Hang Em’ High – Mike, Alex & Eddie. Three musicians locked airtight from constant touring. A mindboggling tour-de-force. 3) Secrets – Gentle….swinging. A nice display of songwriting chops. There are so many good things going on in here that can only be appreciated through headphones. Great lyrics and another goodexample of everybody having fun together. 4) Little Guitars – A Monster. A brilliant acoustic intro….then silence…then that great stomping electric”second” intro. It’s a classic right down the line from Dave’s comical trouble-across-the-border lyric (that would sound… without that self-deprecating edge he has that makes so many of the songs work) to the tightness of Eddie, Mike & Alex, to Eddie’s wierd fingerpicking riff to those brown, majestic powerchords towards the end. I’d take this one to a desert island with me any day.

    Posted on February 21, 2010