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Divine Conspiracy

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  • Ok, you have to keep in mind that this kind of music is not going to be for everybody. It is very different, and in my mind, it is an acquired taste. You’re not going to hear it on the radio, or on MTV, because it is music as an art form. It is not adulterated by commercialism due to the monetary interests of a record company’s desire to attract that “younger” brainless audience so they can cash in and run happily to the bank. This is ARTWORK.

    With that in mind, Epica is simple an amazing band. I was disappointed for a very long time because I thought that good music had died back in the mid 90’s. It took me a while to come across it again, but I found it! Yay! Their music is well orchestrated, and Simone Simons voice is incredibly beautiful. I find myself listening to this album whenever I am feeling frustrated or bummed out, because the music really helps to remember that regardless the darkness that comes around from time to time, life is truly beautiful. That is what music is supposed to do, and this is why Epica is an incredibly talented band. They create beautiful works of art.

    Posted on March 6, 2010