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Divine Intervention

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  • Even though Dave was gone with this release, Slayer stayed strong. While it isn’t as good as their first 5 albums, it is still worthy of 5 starts and amazing. This was the last Slayer album I bought, simply because I listened too everybody else too much. I figured if it was like Reign in Blood part 2, I wanted nothing to do with it. Simply because If I wanna listen to Reign in Bl0od then well, i’ll listen to Reign in Blood. However, I don’t really see it, this album stands as a strong but sadly over looked Slayer classic. Jeff and King seem like they may slow it down a little bit here, which at first was annoying, i’d be sitting listening to this album, grinding my teeth waiting for it to speed up (i.e. ss-3) Once I got over that though, it seems that the speed might have done more wrong than right for this album. Don’t get me wrong, it is still quite fast. Vocal wise, this is up there with South of Heaven as one of Tom’s best vocal performances. While dave is missed (welcome back!!!) Paul does a steady job of filling in, as he would for years. All in all, don’t let the few nay sayers stop you from purchasing this album. It’s Slayer, never dissapointed. Never anything less.

    Killing Fields – 5/5 Talk about starting an album off with an anthem. This is one where I could only imagine how crazy the crowd is at a live show while this one is being played. The first 25 seconds can’t even begin to prepare you for what happens next. To think, this is only the first song.

    Sex. Murder. Art. – 5/5 A fast one and definetly a good one. A good opening riff leads into killer lyrics/vocals. I feel the drums slow it down a little too much in the start of things but after about 20 seconds, that is not a problem. Definetly a personal favorite of mine. Also a wonderful song name. Tom flows quite well with his vocals here. Should please any thrash maniac.

    Fictional Reality – 5/5 Reminds me of a faster version of “Killing Fields” the main riff here, is one of the most memorable from this album. Probably Pauls best work is here. He really helps the flow of the song click well.

    Dittohead – 4/5 The intro riff tells you one thing. “This song is going to be short and fast” which is pretty much what it is. One of the fastest here. Part of me thinks they tried to make it too slow and sped it up a bit too much and maybe should have added another 45 seconds or so to this one.

    Divine Intervention – 5/5 A song that lets you take a small break. A bit long for the normal Slayer song, over 5 + minutes. Really sets the mood for the second half of the album. Not one to be missed. I love the dark almost depressing feel of the outro for this song.

    Circle of Beliefs – 4.5/5 Right away, Tom starts belting it out with his vocals, I wish this song had more of an intro to it. Other than that I can’t think of anything else wrong with this. It has one of the best solos on the album. It almost has a “distant” feel which gives it more atmosphere when a solo isn’t being played.

    SS-3 – 6/5 A song that took me some getting used to. When I did though, it became one of my favorites if not my favorite. The riffs here are the darkest you will find on this album. a song that w ill beat you jsut as hard as any other Slayer track but jsut doing it a bit slower. Enoguh to agonize.

    Serenity in Murder – 4.5/5 The song name says it all, I don’t think I need to say anything more. This is the type of asylum patient violence we’ve come to love from Slayer. only here, Tom does some really good singing, which could be called “Spooky” definetly adds something to the song. The guitars hold back here, that doesn’t kill the song though.

    213 – Definetly the song with the most atmosphere here. The string intro is just great. One of the best songs here. Not one to be passed over. The chorus is a bit choppy but other than that it is great.

    Mind Control – 4.5/5 One of the fastest songs here. Can’t go wrong with that. A good way to go out. Tom seems to put a little more venom into his vocals here. Great guitar solos as well.

    So once again, you can never go wrong with Slayer. Enjoy.

    Posted on February 8, 2010