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Divine Intervention

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  • After going a bit softer with “South Of Heaven” and “Seasons In The Abyss”, Slayer went back to their roots while still moving ahead to new sounds with their 1994 offering “Divine Intervention”. This album has such an enormous amount of fury and rage on it, that it makes you wonder when your speakers are going to explode. Some of the songs are slow and creepy, while others are pure, extreme thrash. Sex, Murder, Art could’ve been on “Reign In Blood” easily. It’s short, fast and furious. Dittohead, a song about the flaws of the judicial system is probably one of Slayer’s fastest and best songs ever. This CD also has some of the creepiest, sickest and darkest lyrics in Slayer’s catalog. 213 is about serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer… The title of Sex, Murder, Art pretty much explains the song. The musicianship on the entire album is incredible. Paul Bostaph’s drum attack at the beginning of Killing Fields is mind-blowing, making it into one of the greatest intros ever. Kerry King and Jeff Hanneman provide some excellent riffs and solos, and Tom Araya just enhances the music with his bass lines and incredible vocals. This 36 minute set of anger, rage and aggression is sure to please any hardcore metal fan.

    Posted on February 8, 2010