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  • I have written a couple of reviews for other albums on here, and I am amazed at the incredible brililance and quality of some (Alter Bridge- Blackbird; Hurt- VOl. II), but not all, of the rock released over the past 12 months out. Division from 10 years is quite simply, astounding.

    I am not even quite sure how to articulate how good Division is, other than to say that it is so complex, layered, emotional, and brilliant, that it would just make me downright sick to my stomach if this album does not become an essential rock album for every single person in America who calles themselves a hard rock fan. I don’t know what is happening to rock in America- it seems like albums such as Division should sell 20 million copies given it’s quality, but I don’t know. I certainly hope it provides big success for the band.

    For anyone remotely considering purchasing this album, By all means, please purchase it with all deliberate speed, and listen to it a few times. let it sink in. You will find that songs you initially thought were brilliant, stay that way, and get better, and other songs on the album that you might not have thought were brilliant initially, will envelop you with the layers, textures, and soaring vocals, and will stay with you all day and night. It is exactly what happened to me. Into my third listen, I just opened my eyes, and said, “This is brilliant.” I honestly believe that you will be grateful that you got it. I have said this before about some other albums, major marketing muscle needs to be put behind this album- the label needs to make an investment here. People need to be exposed to this band.
    Thank you all for reading, and i hope you enjoy Division as much as I did.

    Posted on March 3, 2010