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  • Whoah.

    When this thing came out, us David Lee Roth fans were apprehensive. In recent years, Dave’s music had become more experimental, covering jazz and blues tones..ultimately pulling him away from the original Van Halen frontman Rocker that we all knew him as.

    Dave’s statement about this album: “People always said all I wrote and sang about was women, money, and partying. I never started out purposely doing that before, so I decided with this album, thats EXACTLY what I would do!”

    DLR band bring’s the ROCK back to Dave, and he delivers it to us, the fans. This album is clearly a huge need during a time (when it was released) when the Band Van Halen, after dumping Dave to the curb again, was in disarray, and Sammy Hagar was busy arguing with them through the papers and such. So what does Dave do? The same thing he did in 1985, he went and assembled a great band, drew up some cool packaging for the CD, and let out all the jams with this dark, Razer sharp rock record.

    Dave’s vocals are lowered to more of a wolves snarl in several of the tunes, and it definitley does not take away, but adds to, the power the record has from track to track. Tunes like “Slam Dunk” which the NBA has used on several CNN highlight reels, Blacklight, King of the Hill, and the melodic semi-ballad “goin places” with it’s awesome guitar intro, are just some of the hits that are laden throughout this album.

    Dave’s humor and one liners are still evident in some songs, which for fans who miss the guy who said things like “do you remember when that girl was prommmm queeeeeen?” and “I lost my pen-cillll!” will be an open armed, welcome return.

    Welcome back Diamond Dave, we’ve been expecting you!

    1. Slam Dunk!
    2. Blacklight
    3. Counter-Blast
    4. Lose the Dress (Keep the Shoes)
    5. Little Texas
    6. King of the Hill
    7. Going Places…
    8. Wa Wa Zat!!
    9. Relentless
    10. Indeedido
    11. Right Tool for the Job
    12. Tight
    13. Weekend With the Babysitter
    14. Black Sand

    Posted on December 25, 2009