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  • When I hit play for the first time after getting this album, I heard the driving “Slam Dunk”, and thought, this might be alright. Obviously, and shamelessly, Dave is trying to recapture the sound and the fury of the old Van Halen days, and does a fair job. Some of the lyrics are pretty silly, though, even for Dave. “Counter Blast” is pretty dumb, being all about computers and the internet. And I doubt Dave is too adept on a basketball court (“Slam Dunk”). The guitarists obviously have worshipped at the Eddie-Alter, and the double-bass drum pulse reeks of Alex Van Halen. Loved Dave in Van Halen, but without eachother, they don’t stand up so well. Sorry, Dave, but I still love ya! At least this towers above the musical abomination that is Van Halen III.

    Posted on December 25, 2009