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  • Morbid Angel built a reputation for being one of the best, most innovative, and EVIL bands in all of death metal. As I sit here listening to this CD I get the feeling that Satan himself is lurking behind me… doesn’t that just say something? Blasphemy all over. Just look at the cover! Well, all of that aside, fortunately, Morbid Angel are VERY good at what they do. Pete Sandoval’s drumming is as fast and brutal as it gets, with ultra-rapid heartbeat double-bass drums going throughout the entire CD. They are fastest at the beginning of the 6th track, “Dawn of the Angry” (which is the best song, by the way). If you are a drummer, then listen to this and you might learn something about true speed. Sandoval pushed extreme metal drumming to new heights ever since Morbid Angel broke into the scene. Bassists will also be happy with the work on this CD, which completes the rythym section with a devastating edge, giving the CD even more power. Trey Azagthoth’s (how do you pronounce that?) guitar work is just beyond amazing. It stands up to, if not beats, work by some of metal’s best guitarists of all time, like Zakk Wylde, Randy Rhoades, and Kirk Hammet. Guitarists will drop a jaw at this overwhelmingly amazing work on his part, especially his otherworldly solos. Solos are EVERYWHERE on this album, and many metal purists will like this. The vocals are typical death metal, with low-end, rumbling growls throughout most of the disc. I’m not a fan of death vocals, but I think they sound great when the music accompanies them perfectly. This is one of those cases. If a band can play as well as this, who cares about “amazing” vocals? Overall, I found this to be an amazing thrill ride, NOT for the weak-hearted. Also, if you are a particulary religious person, don’t buy it. Metalheads, drummers and guitarists will find this an amazing work, so check it out now. This disc has everything you could possibly want in a death metal album. From the opening of ‘Dominate” to the sleepy closer “Hatework”, this disc will crush you. But it’s a good crush, ya know?P.S.: To Morbid Angel… personally I think that “Inquisition” would have made a better closer. Oh, well… it’s still amazing!

    Posted on February 26, 2010