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  • Whenever I get an album and listen to it for the first time I always look at the reviews for it on Amazon and the Metal Archives to see what a variety of other metalheads thought of said album. For this album though I was pretty damn surprised at the response from them with review titles like “Dave Vincent flips you off with both hands”, one person even gave it a 30% WTF? Are you kidding me people? This is another solid MA release! What’s a little different about this is that it’s more groove-oriented, overall slower and simpler than the previous 3 albums and Dave’s vocals sometimes seem like they’re being strained just a tad too much (but they’re still cool). I’ve heard some people even say that if Pantera made a death metal album it would sound similar to this one. Well I don’t know about that exactly…

    This album has some particularly great MA tracks like the opener “Dominate”, “Where the Slime Live” and the closer “Hatework”. The first is a speedy assault to the dome that has Death Metal legends written all over it, “Slime” is a powerful sludgy groove metal number with the usual anti-religious lyrics. Hatework is perhaps their most unusual song with Dave’s angriest vocals yet. It has nice slow plodding riffs accompanied by some sweet melodies involving the bells of Hell itself! Some might say it’s sound is tribal-like and I can see that too, nevertheless it’s f*ckin’ awesome. However, what I cannot see is the reason why a supposed death metal fan (let alone a Morbid Angel fan) would not like this. True, it’s not quite as good as the previous 3 albums but it’s still far above average and if I gave it a grade I’d give it an A- or 91%. Hey I only deal with the best music so trust me on this one. That would explain why I seem to give everything 5 stars I don’t even bother buying below average crap or even average.

    Posted on February 26, 2010