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  • David Vincent is a awesome death bass/vocalist and his roar is fully present here. The guitars are insane and the drums are well….. insane too. Songs “Dominate”, Where The Slime Live” and “Eyes To See, Ears To Hear” are just pure evil sounding classics and the whole bands chemistry lets everyone shine together and individually. “Inquisition (Burn With Me), and “Dawn Of The Angry” are both favorites and both of which sound like personal messages from the devil himself (truly scary, terrifying, great!). Be warned this will scare the C#%p out of some people. Morbid Angel would never sound the same without dave ( or as good!), now that he is back with the guys lets hope the next MA release takes off from where this one ended. As for this cd, MA’s “Domination” album, it is the sound of death metals greatest ever band in full flight, the sound of a band coming straight from hell itself, On Fire!!!

    Posted on February 27, 2010