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  • This is probably my least favorite Morbid Angel(before you plot my death, read on) simply for it’s lack of unity. This is not to say it does not rip hard and proud as true metal should, but there’s something a little shaky about this effort. On the one hand, this breathed some new life into the venerable Angel in terms of diversity. Some of their finest songs are here, and some newer tangents were explored. So what, you may be asking yourself is the problem? The songwriting, while occasionally brilliant, is a bit uneven. While Where the slime Live, Dawn of the Angry and Hatework are some of David Vincent’s finest recorded moments, I wonder how he was able to “sing” Ceasar’s Palace and Inquisition with a straight face. Don’t get me wrong, I truly enjoy this album but it’s not quite up to the ungodly standards the Morbid ones have set for themselves. My major reason for liking this is the presence of Erik Rutan. Not just a great guy (met him when I saw them last month) but an unbelievable guitar player. His melodic edge brings a whole new dimension to the already infinitely twisted riffage, and his solo’s smoke. Trey, as you may know is a far superior player then I can try to convince you of, so we’ll avoid any further discourse. The man is a visionary, enough said. Pete Sandoval gives nothing but his best here, along with some interesting atmospheric effects to boot. Percussive terror, thy master is Pete. As for David Vincent, like I said; it’s sort of hit or miss, but still a performance worthy of his name(as opposed to the *gasp* Genitorturers). As I said, a bit uneven, but totally worth owning.

    Posted on February 27, 2010