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Don't Break the Oath

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  • This album is quite simply a classic. It is one of the most beautiful, artistic, dark albums ever created and this is why it is such a masterpiece. The sheer class of this album carries an aura of blasphemous, but quality, music.

    The only downfall, which is a typical criticism thrown at the band, is King Diamond lyrics and vocals. The falsetto vocals while not my scene, are bearable, but I would be lying if I said they didn’t take away from the album. Then theres the lyrics. I don’t care that they’re evil. It’s just they’re quite ridiculous, simplistic, innane. The vocabulary is stupid.

    Nonetheless, when one gets past that (which is not that hard to do), one will realise this album is one of the most perfect, understated albums ever. Hank Shermann is definitly amongst the best musicians to come out of the metal genre. His songwriting is the work of a genius. No lies.

    Turning attention to the actual songs now…the only let down’s are Welcome Princess of Hell, and (to a lesser degree), To One Far Away. All the others are absolute gems. My personal favourite is Nightmare. I can’t believe I never hear anyone rave about that song. It’s amazing.

    Anyway, DO NOT HESITATE TO GET THIS! A metal collection without this is simply less of a thing. Only a fool would sideline this. This is heavy metal/thrash at it’s poetic best.

    Posted on December 23, 2009