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Don't Say No

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  • I loved every single song on this album and I am wondering how he wasn’t more than an opening band. This CD has great and original songs. The guitar playing is really great and he started a guitar company! Here are my ratings for the songs.

    1. In the Dark (10/10) –Great introduction to a great album

    2. The Stroke (9/10) –I wasn’t alive back then, but this had to be a 80’s hit, right?

    3. My Kinda Lover (10/10) –Not only one of his best songs, but one of my favorite songs ever.

    4. You Know What I Like (10/10) –Good song after good song.

    5. Too Daze Gone (10/10) –One of the best tracks here. At first i just liked it but then i re-listened to it and the lyrics started making more sense to me. I think it’s a song many people can relate with.

    6. Lonely is the Night (10/10) –At this point I’m wondering…Is this a best of or something???

    7. Whadda You Want From Me? (7/10) –Okay, okay. Good song but definitely not the best.

    8. Nobody Knows (10/10) –Sad song dedicated to John Lennon.

    9. I Need You (10/10) –One of my favorite rhythms ever.

    10. Don’t Say No (9/10) –Good song. At this point, I think…WHY ONLY TEN SONGS!!! I NEED MORE OF THIS!!

    Average song rating: (95/100) (9.5/10)

    Posted on November 21, 2009