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Don't Tread

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  • You know when you listen to an album and can just tell the band who made it was having a blast playing the songs. Don’t Tread is like that. You can just hear Damn Yankees having a blast recording this disc, and the songs and spirit of the album reflect that. This disc reminds me alot of the first couple Van Halen albums. You just want to put this disc on when you are in the mood for good guitar rock. Most of the songs have a Southern Rock flavor like the title track “Don’t Tread”. “Uprising” features the best drum work Damn Yankees ever recorded. There are a couple ballads of course, but not the typical “Every Rose has it’s Thorn” syrupy stuff. They are just solid rock ballads. If you are a fan of Ted Nugent, this album should be a must have. If you liked the earlier Damn Yankees album with “Coming of Age” you will definately love this album. I think “Don’t Tread” is a better written and better played album than the first one. And seeing as how Amazon is offering used copies for under $3 you can’t go wrong!!

    Posted on January 17, 2010