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Don't Tread

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  • Tommy Shaw, Jack Blades, Ted Nugent, and Michael Cartelone are back with a vengance on this hard-driving follow-up to their highly successful debut cd. Shaw and Nugent both play lead guitar on this disc, which gives every song a definitive sound. Blades’ bass and Cartelone’s drums combine to make the sound that much better.

    From the opeing title song, along with such others as “Where You Goin Now” and “The Silence is Broken”, the listener is treated to a brand of high energy rock and roll. Shaw sings lead on both “Where You Goin Now” and “The Silence is Broken”. He proves his versatility by being able to sing ballads as well as the great rock songs he was famous for while with Styx.

    Its too bad that Damn Yankees only produced two cds. I’m a fan of great rock and roll, and they were definitely one of the best bands of the early 90s. I highly recommend this disc, as well as their self-titled one. The songs are first-rate, and the vocals and insturmentals will keep you coming back for more. Buy this great cd and hear some really great rock and roll at its absolute best.

    Posted on January 17, 2010