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Don't Tread

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  • All of these guys are killer players. Together, they rocked and sang their nuts off. Great songs, great guitars, great drums, great hooks = Great sales.

    So WHY did the IDIOTS AT WARNER BROS. MISMANAGE THIS BAND SO BAD, CAUSING THE BAND TO SPLIT AND LEAVE A THIRD ALBUM IN THE CAN???? Seriously stupid move on their part. Yeah, the same company that gives us music virtuoso’s like “Snoop frickin Dog” and “Ashlee Simpson” chose to let one of the great R O C K acts slip out of their fingers. STUPID F**KING IDIOTS! Wake the he** up Warner!

    This album and their debut sold a buttload of CDs and both of these still stand up to ANYTHING out today. Grunge may have scared the crap out of every record company suckup during the time of the Damn Yankees, but where is grunge now??? Also VH1 pans this band as ‘lightweight’. Give me a break! You think it’s light weight? Put on ‘Uprising’, ‘This Side of Hell’, ‘Don’t Tread, or ‘15 Minutes of Fame’. Hardly light weight. Stupid public just thinks “Oh Tommy Shaw’s in there so it must be “Babe” ” Niggah Please!!!

    While I’m a huge Styx fan and Night Ranger was a great band too, THIS BAND was the SH*T. These records blow away their former bands. And Micheal Cartelone- nobody ever mentions him. ONE KICK A$$ drummer!

    BUY THIS AND THE DEBUT. If you like to rock, you’ll love these cds.

    Posted on January 18, 2010