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Dopes to Infinity

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  • their best album ever!!! this album combines black sabbath doom style riff-o-rama with hawkwind style psychadelic mind mending music to offer up, without a doubt, the most awesome album MM ever spewed forth. despite the few reviewers who do not see the beauty of this album, i assure you, this is the goods delivered. with hits like “negasonic teenage warhead” with the simple verse riff (one string strummed) and the flanger to give it flavor which leads us to the explosive awesome chorus that just makes me jump out of my skin. we also have the instrumental “ego, the living planet” which is a bit repitive but still rocks. “look to the orb for the warning” and “third alternative” are alos worth noting as exceptional pieces. this whole album i can listen to from start to finish & top to bottom. rarely do i skip a track and when its over, frequently do i replay some of them. if this is your first MM experience or you are looking to get into them, this is one good place to start but you may be too blown away to go to work tommorow.

    Posted on December 25, 2009