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  • Holy mother of GOD is this heavy. A more proper length and mix of “Jerusalem”, this newly released juggernaut realizes the band’s vision of their much-publicized and infamous uber-dirge, complete with more emphasis on the rhythym section’s power when necessary and 13 minutes of added music. No longer broken into six separate tracks that run into each other, “Dopesmoker” is one 65-minute track and a bonus live recording of “Sonic Titan”, where one can hear a smidgen of what sounds like a High on Fire riff here and there. This version promises to blow out speakers of all kinds, as Al’s bass is far heavier and prominent, but only when it’s necessary. Pike’s guitar is slightly edgier and compliments the newly restored bass sound nicely, leads screaming and clearer. Chris’s drumming turns out to be an underrated part of “Dopesmoker”, as you hear new and unearthed parts of his thundering backbeat that were otherwise overshadowed on “Jerusalem”Best heard on a customized mix (preferrably with the bass turned slightly down for balance), “Dopesmoker” can take it’s place as a fully established classic among the doom/stoner/drone genre, a far overdue release that will satisfy fanatics of crushingly heavy riffing and long improv. You’ll feel it in your chest.

    Posted on February 24, 2010