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  • Smoke; Thundering drums; More smoke; Hulking buffalo-fuzz bass lines; Towering resin-caked riffs played on the crustiest guitar ever fretted; Shaggy green sasquatch-like vocals that do more chanting than singing; Lyrics chronicling bong-fogged Old Testament events.
    Sleep opened a portal to something ancient, epic, vast, slow as molasses and as vivid as a Vietnam flashback, and raised the bar unattainably HIGH for stoner rock/doom bands that followed.
    Not exactly ‘Stoner Rock’ though, Sleep were more like shamans. Having little to do with Reggae musically, but from the same realm as Rastafari Holymen. This album is its own genre. There’s nothing angry or hostile about any of it, but its the HEAVIEST music I’ve ever heard.
    This is an earlier, extended version of ‘Jerusalem’. Theres more space in the recording, not so dense. It sounds a lot rawer, which, for this type of music of course, is ideal. The added live track “Sonic Titan”, is buoyant in contrast, sounds kinda like a “Holy Mountain” song.
    The Arik Roper artwork is pretty bitchin too.
    If you like it transcendental, loud, and numbingly heavy, this is the ticket. Turn on, tune in, drop out…Maaaaaannnn!

    Posted on February 24, 2010