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  • Fall of Troy and my ears. A match made in heaven. After cruising around on and checking these guys out I knew this was a must have. I purchased this cd in September of 05 and still listen to it(or their self title cd) almost everyday. For some reason I am unable to get bored with any of their cds. Intricately layered guitar work, unbelievable impeccablely timed drumming, pulsating bass, and all over the place vox. Very mathematical. They make it seem so easy to make music this good. It’s hard to compare this to anything, there are so many different genres involved. I guess if I had to pigeonhole this, I would call it experimental hardcore/heavy metal/metalcore. Sounds like a much crazier version of Refused. Vicious, brutal and at times peaceful. If I had to recommend a cd of FOT’s to begin with for newbies try Doppleganger. It’s not any better than their self title, just mastered better. NOW STOP READING AND GET TO BUYING!

    Posted on January 5, 2010