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Folkodia - The Fall Of The Magog

Band: Folkodia Album: The Fall Of The Magog Genre: Epic Folk Metal Country: International Year: 2013 Get it here: * Websites: * * - Band line-up : Marios Koutsoukos : lyrics Michaël Fiori (Saga) : lyrics, music, electric guitars, bass, vocals Gianluca Tamburini : music, electric guitars, classical guitar, bass Hildr Valkyrie : female vocals Ruslanas ''Metfolvik'' Danisevskis : vocals Anaïs Chevallier : female vocals Dennis Schwachhofer : drums Juan Pablo "Juskko" Churruarin : accordion Holger Funke : nyckelharpa, hurdy gurdy, bagpipes Nostarion : Cello Emily Cooper : soprano recorder, alto recorder Folkodia-INTERNATIONAL project!Folkodia-Not political or religious band! Folkodia were formed in the Autumn of 2007. The act is manned by musicians from Folkearth as well as other highly distiguinshed veterans of the metal scene. Folkodia play folk / viking metal(2007-2010 year) Since 2010 -Epic/folk metal -1st album "Odes from the past"released in June 2008 -2nd album :In A Time Of legends"released in April 2009 -3rd album"Battlecry"released in March 2010 -4th album "Forgotten Lore" acoustic album released in December 2010! -5th album "Battle and Myths" album released in March 2012 -6th album "The Fall of the Magog" album released in May 2013 - -


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