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Dark Souls Remix - The Fall of Artorias

Download this track from: Bandcamp - Mediafire - Soundcloud - Sources: 0:00 - 0:50 = Moonlight Butterfly 0:50 - 1:36 = Knight Artorias 1:43 - 2:30 = Sif, the Great Grey Wolf 2:40 - 3:20 = Knight Artorias 3:27 - 3:48 = Sif, the Great Grey Wolf 4:30 - 5:12 = Nameless Song First of all I want to thank everyone for the support lately, I didn't expect so much response to the Demon's Souls remix and it's been really great. Also thanks to EpicNameBro, VaatiVidya and HellkiteDrake for spreading it around. The Souls community is surely one of the best! So I've tried to tackle Dark Souls. I wanted to do something different and unique since I really enjoy the lore and story of the game. This arrangement is about the great Artorias and his companion Sif who journey to the Abyss, and inevitably Artorias is consumed by it. I had some ideas about a story but I wanted it to be a bit vague like the game itself, something for you to imagine. Also, close to 500 subs! Thanks everyone! Like me on Facebook - Follow me on Twitter - Follow me on Soundcloud - Download my albums on Bandcamp - All music is copyright of their respectful owners.


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