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Double Live Annihilation

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The first official live release for the Canadian metal act since the 89/90 recordings for ’Live & In Command’. 19 tracks recorded in Europe, June 2002, a bonus video (’The Blackest Day’ live in Paris May, 2002), & a screensaver. AFM. 2003.

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  • I purchased Annihilator’s cd “Double Live Annihilation” about 9 months ago but didn’t actually play it until 5 months ago. Although a huge Annihilator fan (I own all their albums) I generally don’t like live albums much prefering studio versions of songs. I put disc 1 in the player with trepidation and was amazed at the excellent sound quality and frenetic vibe of the concert – the energy that Annihilator maintain from start to finish is sensational! Now I almost always have one or both discs in the car or one of the home cd players. The track selection is very well chosen, although I would have loved to have “Second To None” there also (instead of “Striker” perhaps).Disc 2 starts with “Set The World On Fire” and the crowd participation is great here, everyone yelling “hey” in unison! If we must talk highlights, then “Murder” gets proceedings off to a roaring start, also “King Of The Kill”, the aforementioned “Set The World On Fire”, “Never Neverland” and “Phantasmagoria” – which thrashes like mad!I own all the live albums by Kiss, Judas Priest and Dokken but this is the first live cd that I have constantly returned to. I think a double cd was a smart move – it’s like having two separate 45 minute sets instead of one continuous 75 minute set which can be a bit draining.Thank you Jeff Waters and co. – please tour Melbourne, Australia!

    Posted on December 28, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Double Live is one of these phenomenal live albums that manage to capture the essence of the band. This album is doing for Annihilator what ‘Live After Death’ did for Iron Maiden, ‘Exit stage Left, for Rush, ‘Live Evil’ for Black Sabbath, ‘Priest Live’ for Judas Priest to name a few…It take you on a tour of their best work in the most explosive way possible. If you are a metal head of any kind you will enjoy a 19 song set that will make you keep the CD in the CD player for a long time. Somewhere between vintage songs such as ‘Phantasmagoria’ ,’Alice in Hell’ and ‘I am in command’ to the new ones like ‘Denied’, ‘Lunatic Asylum’ and through ‘King of the Kill’ and ‘The box’ you wonder why they are not more mainstream thrash/metal as they are some of the fastest clever gifted musicians out there. Joe Comeau is a great vocal weapon which helps Waters deliver the powerful frontal assault of machine gun guitar lines backed by a tight monster of a rhythm section. The bonus video is unfortunately the closest most of us will ever get to a real live show…and the graphics and screen saver are very cool. I think that this is one of the top 10 live albums and I recommend this CD to every metal thrash fan out there… buy it , stick it in your CD player and get ready for attack!!!

    Posted on December 28, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Admittedly, Annihilator is buried in several cheesy 80’s metal cliches (corny lyrics, not so great singers, album covers w/horns devils) but the musicianship of Annihilator is superior to many “popular” bands today. “I Am In Command” shows the metal-ness of this band along with the superior track “Refresh the Demon” (the drummer is amazing). “Crystal Ann” and “Alison Hell” shows just how dynamic this band can sound. I’m also amazed at the sound quality and the tightness of them live. Highly recommended!

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  • Annihilator are the relentless dandelion band out of the 80s trash scene in Canada. A great band that emerged just at the wrong time, during the ascendancy of grunge. Sort of like Dream Theater hitting just a little late. Not to say that Annihilator is as progressive as DT, but they do have their moments. Check out the highly proggy and very DT-like “Lunatic Asylum”. “Phantasmagoria” is a classic of epic proportions that stands shoulder-to-shoulder with Trapped Under Ice and Creeping Death. Overall, Annihilator are heavier than Metallica, with Slayer, Testament, Megadeth, Onslaught, Pantera and even Disturbed “colors” noticeable too. They can even get into a Rush (“Bliss”), Judas Priest (“Striker”) or AC/DC groove (“Shallow Grave”). But high-octane, wall-of-Marshalls pedal-tone CRUNCH (“Refresh the Demon”,”King of the Kill”,”The Blackest Day”,”I Am in Command”) dominates — all great classic 80s style trash/speed-metal). If you are playing this in your car, please WATCH your SPEEDO! I’ll go out on a limb here and say that the best track is the more mid-tempo “Torn” which blends their influences into a synergy that is irreducible to them and therefore sound ORIGINAL. “Alison Hell” and “Never, Neverland” are others one that have that DISTINCT “Annihilator” sound. Lyrically, some of this material reminds me, again, of Dream Theater. Compare “Never, Neverland” with DT’s “Strange Deja Vu” from Scenes from a Memory or “Space Dye Vest” from Awake.

    This live 2-CD set covers their entire career and gives a nice representative sampling of their styles. The production values are also OUTSTANDING. This really captures the mood of intensity, power, aggression and the raw energy of a good metal concert. Sometimes the crowd mix is a bit obtrusive, but otherwise if you like this style of music, it’s really hard to find flaws. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

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  • If you’re a fan of Metallica or Megadeth,and you’ve never heard of Annihilator.You’ve been missing out on some world class thrash! If you have heard of ‘em you already know what a great guitar player band founder Jeff Waters is and the heads up metal he’s been releasing for over 10 years.Huge in Japan,Annihilator never really broke big in the US like their counterparts mentioned above.Blame it on poor label support or the birth of grunge,but Annihilator seemed to slip through the cracks for awhile there.But that’s all been turned around with the last 2 studio albums,Carnival Diabolos & Waking the Fury, and this monumental live package.A big reason for that is the steady vocal work of Joe Comeau,former bassist turned lead vocalist of Overkill.Not always having the right man at the microphone has been one weak point in the past for Jeff.Which is what makes this live recording so extra special,you’re finally getting a full collection of killer versions of Annihilator’s best songs.A 2CD set that covers their whole career.And this is a great package with artwork & photos.But that’s not why you’re gonna buy this.You’re gonna buy it ’cause it kicks serious …! Playing the type of metal bands like Metallica, and at times even Megadeth had long since turned their backs on.Annihilator forges ahead to give us heavy metal that still has its teeth.My favorite trax on this bad boy are,Set the World On Fire,Alison Hell,Denied,The Blackest Day & of course King of the Kill.The sound quality is excellent for a live recording.Very powerful performances and shredding guitar works from Mr. Waters make this one of the better double live metal sets out there.On par with Megadeth’s Rude Awakening this is a tasty little morsil for any true headbangers collection.Now order it & await you thrashing.

    Posted on December 28, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now