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Double Live Annihilation

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  • I purchased Annihilator’s cd “Double Live Annihilation” about 9 months ago but didn’t actually play it until 5 months ago. Although a huge Annihilator fan (I own all their albums) I generally don’t like live albums much prefering studio versions of songs. I put disc 1 in the player with trepidation and was amazed at the excellent sound quality and frenetic vibe of the concert – the energy that Annihilator maintain from start to finish is sensational! Now I almost always have one or both discs in the car or one of the home cd players. The track selection is very well chosen, although I would have loved to have “Second To None” there also (instead of “Striker” perhaps).Disc 2 starts with “Set The World On Fire” and the crowd participation is great here, everyone yelling “hey” in unison! If we must talk highlights, then “Murder” gets proceedings off to a roaring start, also “King Of The Kill”, the aforementioned “Set The World On Fire”, “Never Neverland” and “Phantasmagoria” – which thrashes like mad!I own all the live albums by Kiss, Judas Priest and Dokken but this is the first live cd that I have constantly returned to. I think a double cd was a smart move – it’s like having two separate 45 minute sets instead of one continuous 75 minute set which can be a bit draining.Thank you Jeff Waters and co. – please tour Melbourne, Australia!

    Posted on December 28, 2009