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Double Live Annihilator

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  • If you’re a fan of Metallica or Megadeth,and you’ve never heard of Annihilator.You’ve been missing out on some world class thrash! If you have heard of ‘em you already know what a great guitar player band founder Jeff Waters is and the heads up metal he’s been releasing for over 10 years.Huge in Japan,Annihilator never really broke big in the US like their counterparts mentioned above.Blame it on poor label support or the birth of grunge,but Annihilator seemed to slip through the cracks for awhile there.But that’s all been turned around with the last 2 studio albums,Carnival Diabolos & Waking the Fury, and this monumental live package.A big reason for that is the steady vocal work of Joe Comeau,former bassist turned lead vocalist of Overkill.Not always having the right man at the microphone has been one weak point in the past for Jeff.Which is what makes this live recording so extra special,you’re finally getting a full collection of killer versions of Annihilator’s best songs.A 2CD set that covers their whole career.And this is a great package with artwork & photos.But that’s not why you’re gonna buy this.You’re gonna buy it ’cause it kicks serious …! Playing the type of metal bands like Metallica, and at times even Megadeth had long since turned their backs on.Annihilator forges ahead to give us heavy metal that still has its teeth.My favorite trax on this bad boy are,Set the World On Fire,Alison Hell,Denied,The Blackest Day & of course King of the Kill.The sound quality is excellent for a live recording.Very powerful performances and shredding guitar works from Mr. Waters make this one of the better double live metal sets out there.On par with Megadeth’s Rude Awakening this is a tasty little morsil for any true headbangers collection.Now order it & await you thrashing.

    Posted on March 4, 2010