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Double Live Annihilator

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  • Double Live is one of these phenomenal live albums that manage to capture the essence of the band. This album is doing for Annihilator what ‘Live After Death’ did for Iron Maiden, ‘Exit stage Left, for Rush, ‘Live Evil’ for Black Sabbath, ‘Priest Live’ for Judas Priest to name a few…It take you on a tour of their best work in the most explosive way possible. If you are a metal head of any kind you will enjoy a 19 song set that will make you keep the CD in the CD player for a long time. Somewhere between vintage songs such as ‘Phantasmagoria’ ,’Alice in Hell’ and ‘I am in command’ to the new ones like ‘Denied’, ‘Lunatic Asylum’ and through ‘King of the Kill’ and ‘The box’ you wonder why they are not more mainstream thrash/metal as they are some of the fastest clever gifted musicians out there. Joe Comeau is a great vocal weapon which helps Waters deliver the powerful frontal assault of machine gun guitar lines backed by a tight monster of a rhythm section. The bonus video is unfortunately the closest most of us will ever get to a real live show…and the graphics and screen saver are very cool. I think that this is one of the top 10 live albums and I recommend this CD to every metal thrash fan out there… buy it , stick it in your CD player and get ready for attack!!!

    Posted on March 5, 2010