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Double Live Gonzo!

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  • The 10 Motown Digits of Doom at their finest. One of the great live rock and roll albums of all time (along with Seger’s LIVE BULLET, Skynyrd’s ONE MORE FOR THE ROAD, and Zeppelin’s SONG REMAINS THE SAME). This one captures Ted at his high-energy, ear-splitting, lickety split best. Unparalleled guitar playing, Ted as the First White Rapper, Nuge’s primal screams – it’s all here. As a veteran of a half dozen Ted shows (most in his hometown of Detroit), DOUBLE LIVE GONZO is a terrific representation of one of the 70s’ great rockers. Opens with a souped-up “Just What the Doctor Ordered” and closes, as it should, with “Motor City Madhouse.” What’s in between is worth cranking up the volume all the way to 11 (eh, Spinal Tap fans?). Highlights are “Stormtroopin’” and an incredible version of “Great White Buffalo” that showcases Ted’s amazing guitar virtuosity. Even the album cover, with the Motor City Madman, complete with tail (yes, an actual tail), getting blasted with a wall of sound is worth the price. If you’ve got room on the rack for only one Nugent CD, this is the one. It’s such a madhouse.

    Posted on December 25, 2009