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Double Live Gonzo!

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  • The Nuge has written it in stone for us here. The versions of Great White Buffalo, Hibernation, Stranglehold, and Stormtroopin’ on this album are incredible. Uncle Ted has so much to teach us and this album lays those lessons out like a “how to” manual for living. How any young man can survive his formative years without this album is beyond me.

    Sony does a pretty good job of re-mastering/re-issuing catalog titles and have already done several Nugent titles, why not this one? It’s the one that deserves it the most. Generations yet unborn deserve to hear these classics in the most pristine sound quality we can provide.

    Please Sony, wield your mighty corporate sword for good. Send your legions of engineers to raise this classic to the level of fidelity it so rightly deserves.

    Do it for all of us, but mostly, do it for the children.

    Posted on December 25, 2009