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Double Vision

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  • I think this album was great and the title track “Double Vision” is timeless!

    Foreigner will be performing this Sunday, March 29th at 9 am on A&E’s music show Private Sessions! Check it out! They perform 5 of their hits!

    Posted on January 22, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • This album together with “4″ represent the best work that Foreigner has ever done. After a competent but not too spectacular debut album, “Double Vision” followed and represented a high point of their early 6-member line up. For starters, 2 of Foreigner’s and classic rock music in general’s best ever tracks are on this album: “Hot Blooded” and especially “Double Vision”. The other album tracks are slightly better than your average filler material but the strength of those two monster hits alone were enough to carry the rest of this album along.

    This version of the album is a treat for fans as the sound quality is very good following some good remastering work done and there are two bonus live tracks included as well. Although the mini-lp replica sleeve design isn’t the best that I’ve seen as the cardboard used is thin and not as good as other mlps designs that I’ve seen e.g. the Bob Dylan and Hall & Oates mlps designs, the plus point is the very well designed booklet that’s included. This 20-page booklet has an excellent essay written by Jerry McCulley and all the lyrics in both English and Japanese all on good quality paper too. The inner sleeve which houses the cd is also very well designed. Imagine just how perfect this would be if they paid the same amount of attention to the quality of the outer cardboard sleeve too. Overall, this has to be the best version of the album that is out there right now. Recommended.

    Posted on January 22, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • This was Foreigner’s second album and there was no let down from the first. This is another collection of well-written rock songs. Melodies you can sing along to, guitar riffs you can play air guitar with and Lou Gramm’s amazing voice. “Hot Blooded” and “Double Vision” were the big hits but there honestly isn’t a bad song on the CD. Even the instrumental, “Tramontane” is an excellent song, eery and haunting. They also did a nice job with their ballads, slowed them down, but still made them a rock n’ roll song. A great CD.

    Posted on January 22, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Foreigner’s second album in 1978 including their major hits such as HOT BLOODED, BLUE MORNING, BLUE DAY, and DOUBLE VISION is an excellent example of late 70’s melodic rock. They made a sensatiojal debut in 1977 and this follow-up consequently secured their status in American pop scene. In addition this album should be noted as the work that helped propell the melodic rock genre into prosperity. Their crisp, catchy, palpable pop rock style caught wide attention and eventually influenced a number of rock-stars-to-be that followed including Survivor and 38 Special. Magic of songwriting might have come from Mick Jones (an archirival of Jim Peterik) who had previously worked with top-level musicians including Gary Wright.This album has a number of mid-tempo power ballads such as YOU ARE ALL I AM (lyrics are wonderful!) BACK WHERE YOU BELONG, LOVE HAS TAKEN ITS TOLL as well as an instrumental TRAMONTANE that alone can be the reason to buy this album.Highly recommended for late 70’s pop rock fans and Survivor, Journey, TOTO, and Kansas fans.

    Posted on January 22, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • For many music acts who make a big commercial splash with their debut album, they usually fall victim to the “sophomore jinx” when they release their 2nd album (i.e. the 2nd album sells poorly, and the artist subsequently vanishes without a trace). Who knows what causes it? All *I* know is that it takes a very special 2nd album to keep the masses coming back for a second helping. The mighty rockers known as Foreigner, led by the unique, powerful voice of Lou Gramm, and the masterful guitar & vocals of Mick Jones, avoided the sophomore jinx just fine, thank you very much, with their 2nd album, 1978’s “Double Vision,” which sold even more copies than their self-titled debut from the previous year. It’s all about quality, folks: “Double Vision” is another great album of melodic rock as only Foreigner can do it. Great stuff all over the place on this one: the classic head-bobbers “Hot Blooded,” the title song, and “Blue Morning, Blue Day,” and wonderful ballads like “You’re All I Am,” “Back Where You Belong” & “I Have Waited So Long.” There’s even a strong, rare Foreigner instrumental, “Tramontane,” and more kick-butt numbers like “Love Has Taken It’s Toll,” “Lonely Children,” and the awesome finale, “Spellbinder.” This new version of “Double Vision” also contains a pair of cool bonus tracks: a live version of “Hot Blooded,” and a live performance of a rare song, “Love Maker.” Foreigner *totally* rock the house with this pair of live tracks. Featuring top-notch, catchy tunes from end to end, and performed to perfection by the band, Foreigner’s “Double Vision” is an instant rock classic.

    Posted on January 21, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now