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Down - Over The Under

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  • The monstrous southern rockers have returned! Seven years separate the first (1995) and second release (2002), and now five years of anticipation have crawled by since Down’s last release, Down II: A Bustle in Your Hedgerow. Another anxious wait is over. The band (Phil Anselmo – Pantera; Pepper Keenan – Corrosion of Conformity; Rex Brown – Pantera; Kirk Windstein – Crowbar; Jimmy Bower – Eyehategod) had been on hiatus for several years and we, the fans, have wondered if we would ever hear the greatness of Down again. The impact these men have on the music world is incalculable. Not only do Anselmo and Brown continue to work together as an ex-Pantera duo (as Vinnie Paul and the late Dimebag did so in Damageplan), but the sounds emitted from the union of these five members are easily some of the best heard in the metal industry over the past ten years or so. What started out as a Pantera side project has turned into something epic, and metal heads around the world have rejoiced. Down now brings forth their third release, Down III: Over The Under.

    Anselmo is drug-free, Keenan has placed Corrosion of Conformity on hold, and the band has come together yet again. The setting: Louisiana. Picture five scruffy, but established, musicians in tattered clothing with instruments in their laps and beers in their hands. Now picture the instruments caked with mud, weeds, and anything else which could come straight out of a murky swamp. Assemble these images together and that’s how the music sounds. What we might expect to hear: thirteen mammoth songs saturated with filthy, yet heavenly substance. What we’ll get: exactly what we’d expect. Down continues to deliver the heavy metal that fans are accustomed to hearing from this band. They don’t stray off their southern rock course they set back in their debut, NOLA, and are in cruise control from start to finish in Down III: Over The Under. While remaining in control album to album, this is perhaps the weakest of the three, but is still a strong effort regardless of comparison. Will we see a fourth release? Will it be within the next five to seven years? Only time will tell, and until then, embrace what we have and anticipate what we could have…

    Posted on February 1, 2010