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Down to Earth

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  • I started this album thinking it was going to be another No More Tears or Ozzmosis, and I was disappointed upon the first listen. I wasn’t expecting to get out if it on the first listen what I actually did get out of it on the second listen. This album sounds almost nothing like anything else in Ozzy’s solo career. There’s no fast, glam metal guitar, there’s not as many screeching, catchy Randy Rhoads or Zakk Wylde guitar riffs. What makes this album special is the fact that it sounds more like a vintage Black Sabbath album than it does an Ozzy Osbourne solo album. It comes complete with all of the tuned-down, heavy guitar riffs and crunches that sound a little too suspiciously like something Tony Iommi would dream up. The lyrics on the strongest songs, “Can You Hear Them?” “No Easy Way Out” and “Alive” are also more mature and twinged with creepier, gothic imagery.I think some of this has to do with the fact that almost none of it was written with the help of Zakk Wylde. Instead, it was almost completely written with guitarist Joe Holmes, so it doesn’t have a lot of Zakk’s style.My only complaint is that this album has too many acoustic ballads. “Dreamer” sounds too much like Lennon’s “Imagine,” and compared to songs like “Road To Nowhere” and “Mama, I’m Coming Home,” the ballads on this album just fall completely flat. Still, when this album picks it up and kicks out the metal, it rocks. “Can You Hear Them?” I think is the strongest track on the album, kicking in with a strong beat and the type of smart, doomy lyrics that the Disturbed and Godsmack listeners of today would really enjoy. As do some of the other stronger songs, such as “No Easy Way Out,” “Alive” and “Junkie,” (a Rollins-esque song about his almost 30-year battle with drugs).If you don’t go into this album expecting to hear “No More Tears” or “Perry Mason,” and instead “Iron Man” or “NIB,” then you should like it.

    Posted on January 29, 2010