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Down to Earth

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  • im a sabbath fan. im an ozzy fan. but ozzy just hasnt been the same since..well…he got sober and quit drugs. ever since No more tears, hes had that mainstream sound. also, why the heck was zakk ditched for writing and replaced with this ‘joe holmes’ character. his riffs…just are mediocre. im the guy that still craves the legendary sound of zakk when they wrote No Rest for the Wicked. now THAT was an ozzy album. still, this album has its bright spots. PS: to the guy that said Mike Bordin was a million times better than randy castillo ever was: WRONG. randy was simply the greatest drummer ozzy ever had in his solo career.

    Gets me Through (8/10): i dunno, i feel like ive heard it before. its just so…predictable. i HATE predictablility. still, holmes writes a so-so riff and zakk plays it. the words are a bit uninspired.

    Facing Hell (10/10): Yes. the best track on the album peroid. the solo zakk plays is the best ive heard since no more tears, and although the lyrics are all cliche, i still think this should have been a single. or something.

    Dreamer (9/10): it loses that 1 point cuz ive heard it so many times. after you hear it 10 billion times, you get tired of it. this coming from the guy that listens to blizzard/diary/bark/ultimate/wicked 24/7. ozz sings of global warming, but the piano bit sounds similar to ozzmosis’ Old LA Tonight.

    No Easy Way Out (9/10): i like this too. sure, its a bit nu metalish and all cliche lyrics, but it rocks well.

    That I never Had (8/10): the echoing ozzy voice is so ANNOYING! but, the solo is simply amazing, as only zakk could play (and holmes could write).

    You Know…(5/10): a waste of my time.

    Junkie (9/10): this is a great song. ozz sings of his looonngg battle with drugs. good solo/riffs.

    Running out of time (9/10): ozzy sings of dying, which i dont want to think about because he is god. actually a decent song, i think its probably better than Dreamer anyway.

    Black Illusion (6/10): headache time. stuffed to the brim with horror monsters-eating-me-killing-you-guy type lyrics. the chorus just falls flat.

    Alive (7/10): the way it falls in and out of ballad mode and into heavy mode is quite good, but the playback is annoying, forming a so-so song.

    Can you Hear Them (6/10): more killing-you-guy lyrics, but the brilliant part is the instrumentals (the constant drum beating, and the dual guitars). unfortuatly, not a great way to end the album.

    OVERALL: well, zakk sounds muffled. the whole guitar area is lacking with its cookie-cutter riffs and solos. get zakk back on the writing team. in fact, the whole writing team was pretty inexperienced anyway, and it painfully shows on this album. still, ive loved ozzy since i saw Shot in the Dark on MTV, and i thank ozzy for trying to go back to a heavy sound after the balladfest of ozzmosis. unfortunatly, singers evolve their sound, as has ozzy. the whole music scence really has changed, adn we’ll never hear the 80’s type of music. still, i love ozzy, and i still listen to this from time to time. ozzy noobs: tryout Blizzard of Ozz, DIary of a Madman or No Rest for the Wicked first. also listen to Master of Reality (black sabbath).

    Posted on January 29, 2010