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  • First of I should say that Ensiferum’s “Iron” and their self-titled album are among the best albums in my record collection. After hearing that their lead vocalist and guitarist Jari had left to start his own band (Wintersun, which you should check out; stunning work!), I was really upset. Hearing their first EP after losing Jari, I notice that he was more than just a vocalist to the band. Their new vocalist isnt bad, in fact he is pretty good, its just that the band seems to have lost some of its edge. Although to be frank it would be unfair to be so harsh since only the first two tracks are new material (the rest are either previously unreleased tracks or covers).
    So I would recommend this EP to any fan of Ensiferum, or folk metal in gerenal, but dont expect it to be anything stellar like their previous releases.

    Posted on December 24, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Wow, what can I say? This is a good ep. Since Jari’s gone, most people were afraid to hear what they sounded like in later releases. While not a masterpiece like Iron, Dragonheads holds its own. Although only half of it is new material, they re-recorded tracks were done here for a reason. The songs Warrior’s Quest and White Storm, done by Jari and Toivonen some time back, fit in perfectly with the mood and fell of this album. This Ensiferum is slower, but still maintains the power and folk spin it had. Kalevala melody is an excelent addition, which goes right into the re-recorded song White storm, which is song quite nicely by the new guy, Petri Lindroos. Dragonheads has to be the best song on the album, and evoks a nice, nordic feel (even though the Finns were never Vikings, but hey) Overall is it a nice and worthy addition to the Ensiferum catalogue, and is enjoyable from the first to last song.

    Posted on December 24, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Finnish sensation viking metal band Ensiferum have returned with their mini album ‘Dragonheads.’ Gone are the vocals and masterful guitar work of Jari Maenpaa. In steps current Norther vocalist and guitarist Petri Lindroos. Ensiferum are a fairly new band from Finland with two full length albums to their catalogue. Jari left shortly after the recording of Ensiferum’s second album, ‘Iron,’ to pursue his own metal project, Wintersun. The band now appeases fans with a mini-dose of what their third full length album will be like.

    The mini album starts with a slow but epic title song. The listener can realize that this new meterial sounds like Ensiferum from the start, but the overall sound is slower than what we fans are used to hearing. The viking elements are represented strongly here, and the screams of Lindroos are very good, but Jari was supreme. The song, ‘Kalevala Melody’ is a instrumental interlude that is very pleasing and relaxing for the listener. The fourth track, ‘White Storm’ is my favorite song on here. The synth provided by Meiju Enho is very impressive and gives the song folky elements. The Finnish Medley that closes the album is very classical sounding and clean vocals are present throughout the entire medley.

    When the dust settles upon the ears of the listener, this mini album is very pleasing. One area of concern is that the material is not as fast as Ensiferum’s older material. But since Jari is gone and Lindroos seems to be here to stay, I can get over the fact that Ensiferum probably won’t have the lightning fast solos and aggressive riffs that were present in the past. This is a quality disc and I highly recommend fans of viking/melodic/folk metal to embrace Ensiferum. Their first two albums are amazing viking metal releases. Much praise to Ensiferum for making highly enjoyable music.

    Posted on December 24, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now