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  • Wow, what can I say? This is a good ep. Since Jari’s gone, most people were afraid to hear what they sounded like in later releases. While not a masterpiece like Iron, Dragonheads holds its own. Although only half of it is new material, they re-recorded tracks were done here for a reason. The songs Warrior’s Quest and White Storm, done by Jari and Toivonen some time back, fit in perfectly with the mood and fell of this album. This Ensiferum is slower, but still maintains the power and folk spin it had. Kalevala melody is an excelent addition, which goes right into the re-recorded song White storm, which is song quite nicely by the new guy, Petri Lindroos. Dragonheads has to be the best song on the album, and evoks a nice, nordic feel (even though the Finns were never Vikings, but hey) Overall is it a nice and worthy addition to the Ensiferum catalogue, and is enjoyable from the first to last song.

    Posted on December 24, 2009