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Drawing Circles

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  • I simply had to air my opinion due to the review by Streetwalker which is waaay too harsh imo. I see the points… however, I find the critic is exaggerated. 9/10 of times vocals are matter of personal preference, and this lead singer actually has some range. The metalcore-like screamo stuff (like in the beginning of the first song) is not my kind of tea, but that doesn’t make it poorly executed.

    Some might claim that “Drawing Circles” is not a revolutionary record, but I think Textures shows a technical blend of progressive/math/hardcore structures and more harmonious passages that does not grow pretensious like so many other progressive bands – or unlistenable due to lack of melody. My first impression was “hmm… this is not bad – at all! And excellently produced as well” though it at the same time crossed me as a bit unoriginal. Other reviewers here mention Mike Patton and Meshuggah, and rightly so. I’ve listened to this album for several months now (this is a re-edited review) and I must confess – it has haunted me!! By now I’d rate “Drawing Circles” a 4,5 out of 5 (when I first made this review some 3-4 months after a few spins ago I rated it only 3,75)

    Also in my humble opinion it is downright narrowminded to rate this album 1 star – sure, everyone can be pissed and have a bad day – but to rate this album so low is simply not representative. No pun intended! Metal is for me about having something to present with energy, atmosphere, rage, technique and innovation. I the best of cases it creates impressions and images within that last – that is why it is so great to discover new bands and music that is worthwhile. However, it strikes me that my state of mind does influence how I perceive some bands – which is why I figure the harsh review left here before me is mostly about.

    Really great music is that which last and grows on you though – this band – and this record in particular is one of those records for me. I can listen to it several times in a row from a-z and the more I listen – the more balanced and brilliant it appears.

    I generally do not like comparisons as I think they often miscredit the bands and fans of other are obnoxiously arrogant – but think of Textures as a crossoever between Meshuggah and Dillenger Escape Plan with a more atmospheric touch… and I love those band. Have probably spent more money on supporting these bands than many so-called ‘hardcore’ fans would claim.

    Unfortunately – I cannot change the rating of this album now as Amazon apparantly locks the rating (would def. rate it 5/5 now) – but PLEASE – give this album a shot. It is honestly worth every penny and then some if you enjoy textures in music and music that evolves!

    Posted on February 18, 2010