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Dream Theater - Score: 20th Anniversary World Tour Live with the Octavarium Orchestra

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  • “Score” marks the 5th offical live DVD from Dream Theater & just when you think they can’t top themselves … they do it again. Foregt the complaints about the set-list, this disc ROCKS.

    The first act quickly covers the span of DT’s career, and the guys do a great job picking songs that aren’t what you’d expect. I especially liked hearing “Another Won” from the Majesty Demos (there’s a cool edit of this version with an original video of the band doing it with Chris Collins before they had a record deal at the end of the documentarty on disc two.) and “Raise The Knife” from the FII sessions.

    The second act is even more impressive. They open with the orchestra playing the overture from 6DOIT. This sounds great, but I think they extended it a bit, and it gets to be a little too much by the time it’s done. But this is a minor complaint. The rest of this awesome epic sounds phenomenal. “Vacant” sounds even eerier with James singing over just the symphony before the rest of the guys join in. And “Octavarium” … what can I say, it’s just INCREDIBLE. But the best is yet to come. They play “Metropolis” for an encore, and I don’t think it’s ever sounded BETTER ! The horns add so much to the overall instrumentation – it gave me chills at first listen.

    The secod disc is great too. The Documentary gives a really great peek into the history of the band, but it tends to focus on the early stuff before the current lineup was solidified. I would have liked to hear more regarding the recording of the last 4 albums, but again that’s really just nit-picking.

    Overall an AWESOME disc, and a must-have for DT fans.

    Posted on December 8, 2009