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  • This is, in my opinion, a true masterpiece. The 80s is often criticized as being over-produced, sythetic and shallow. Like U2, the Cult had much more to offer. “Dreamtime” is a fantastic fusion of gothic punk walking hand-in-hand with Jim Morrison-ish imagery and influence. Eventually Led Zeppelin could be heard in the Cult’s sound more than the Doors, but “Dreamtime” and “Love” envoke a unique-for-the-80s combination of lyrical mysticism and spiritual passion with an insurgent rythmn and sonic punch. Songs like “Spiritwalker” and “Horse Nation” drive forth the mystic imagery with a rocking groove, while the darker songs like “Butterflies” and “Bone Bag” have a darker edge that has as much to lend to Nick Drake as it does to Nick Cave. This is a phenomenal and, at least in the States, unfortunately underappreciated milestone in the Cult’s career. The Cult were, are, and shall be a solid band and influence on new bands for years to come.

    Posted on January 6, 2010