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  • Alright I don’t know what that last reviewer was thinking, but this album is by far the best album “The Cult” ever did. I’m also a big fan of “Love” but everything after sort of lost me (with the exception of an occasional song). Actually I was fortunate enough to find it on cassette. The cassette version has the album on side 1, and the Live album on side 2. So you get a good dose of Death Cult, Southern Death Cults most famous song (Moyah) as well as the song from Dreamtime that isn’t on the album (Bonebag). Now the way I explain this album to someone who’s never heard it before is… Picture an “Apache” warrior tripping out on Peyote in the middle of a field during a midnight drizzle, hehe. Songs such as “83rd Dream” (my favorite track) and “Horse Nation” really show that illustration… “Four crows nailed to a wood post” and other disturbingly Beautifull quotes are what make this album the “Dark Mystical Masterpiece” it is. As well as the full on attack of Billy Duffy guitars, Nigel Prestons frantic drums (which at most times in the album remind me of tom toms) Not to mention Ian Astbury’s Wailing vocals. But lets not forget Jamie Stewarts excellent Bass. Yes this is the premiere album for a taste of what the Post-PunkGothDeathrock scene was like in early 80’s england.

    Posted on January 6, 2010