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  • For those who catch the reference, I think you know where I’m headed. There was a time, about 20 years or so ago, when British music was struggling with two very different and original approaches to modern music: Punk and Gothic. Ian Astbury and Billy Duffy both cut their teeth in the Gothic movement, as evidenced by the collaboration titled Death Cult which preceded DREAMTIME.But Dreamtime is more than just a gothic rock album, and if you ever dug your fingernails into your legs listening to Bauhaus’”In the Flat Field” , this album is worth the time.For me (with the exception of their last effort simply titled “The Cult”) I have never been disappointed by the team of Astbury/Duffy. They flavoreed Goth with a progressive style that came screaming out of “Love”, hit hard and heavy and utterly raw with “Electric”, blew every other over-produced outfit out of their socks with “Sonic Temple” and brought a lot of those flavors together in a strange, but satisfying concoction called “Ceremony”.But this album, “Dreamtime”, is where it all started to gel…where the beginnings of true modern rock and the culmination of gothic rock meet in a sometimes tentative but always satisfying blend.And if Bauhaus can become Peter Murphy and Love & Rockets, who the heck says these guys can’t change…No artist makes their music for the listener alone, first they make it for themselves…if you can dig it when they’re done…hey, that’s like a bonus!And man…even after 20 or so years of following them from Theater of Hate and Southern Death Cult, to their breakup :( in the mid 90’s, I still dig it all.Especially Dreamtime…Now if Amazon would only carry the ‘Dreamtime: Live at the Lyceum’ CD/VHS set, you folks would get a REAL thrill…seeing these guys perform this stuff (and a few other surprises, like Resurrection Joe!) in all their 80’s rat-tailed glory.Gotta love it!

    Posted on January 6, 2010