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Drum Nation Volume 3

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  • As a fan of the majority of these bands I wanted to get this to hear what the drummers could do. Most drummers take a back seat in the metalcore scene so this CD sounded interesting. The Chris Alder track is awesome. Its complex, fun, and exciting. The Ken Candiria track is mighty interesting, Chris P. of DEP does a very interesting piece as well. Justin Foley of KSE track is the most interesting on this whole CD. From its rockin guitars to its non-metal guitar solos to the incredible diversity in drum work I was just blown away. I always thought the drummer of KSE was just a bland player but this song proves me wrong! The ending guitar melody will have you humming for days. Jason Bitt is totally overated and the song is not the best. Overall its a cool CD to have but its not like a must have. Its a CD that shows that these metalcore drummers can wear different hats. The video stuff is kinda a waste…

    Posted on January 15, 2010