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Dusk and Her Embrace

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Limited Edition Japanese pressing of this album comes housed in a miniature LP sleeve. 2007.

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  • To call this “Black metal” would be mislabeling this band. But then again, why does it need to be “Black Metal” to be astonishingly brutal? This album takes alot longer than Cruelty and The Beast to get used to. But it’s well worth it in the end. Dani’s screeches are better on their latest album (Cruelty), and even the songwriting of Cruelty surpasses “Dusk”, but everything else is astonishingly better on this album. Robin’s bass is not only audible, but very commanding, and the guitar tones are almost perfect. “Dusk”’s drum sounds are far better on this album. And once you get accustomed to those neck-breaking beat changes, they’ll grow on you faster than a necrophile runs for a Victoria’s Secret Tour Bus Crash. So if you’re new to Cradle of Filth, I reccomend you check out Cruelty And The Beast FIRST. But “Dusk” is still nothing short of an epic album. I guarantee you won’t hear anything else like this from another band. This band defies most modern music by making everything as big and epic as possible. Songs like, “Dusk And Her Embrace” reach incredible speeds, but they still never lose their wonderful ambiance. There are heavy Iron Maiden influences, and even a bit of old Slayer influences (Hell Awaits, Show No Mercy). My personal favorites of this album are “Funeral In Carpathia” and “A Gothic Romance”. Regardless, there is not one bad song on this masterpiece. So if your looking for something extreme, yet beautiful, check out “Dusk…And Her Embrace” and you sure as hell won’t be dissapointed!

    Posted on March 6, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • I think my ears are bleeding, but for once, that’s a good thing. The reason? For the past hour, I’ve been listening to the British sextet Cradle of Filth’s third album, ‘Dusk and Her Embrace.’ It’s frightening, loud, sensual and darkly melodic: ie a masterpiece of the genre. I wanna make one thing clear: if you’re looking for easy listening, look elsewhere. If you’re a fan of Marilyn Manson or Nine Inch Nails and think you’re ‘hardcore’ enough for this, well, you better tie yourself down. This may be considered pop by the so called ‘black metal’ genre, but for anyone else, it’s anything but. Anyway, enough blathering, time for the meat, and suffice to say there is a lot of it. Vocalist/Lyricist Dani uses words like gangsters use bullets. Each song is quite lyrically intense, but the semantics are gorgeous (when they can be understood: thank heaven..err, hell for a lyric booklet) and contain lots of mythical, biblical, philosophical and historical references. These lyrics are emitted by one of the greatest vocalists in the business. Dani can go from an extremely high-pitched scream down to a low growl in a split second. His demon-like rantings have to be murder on the vocal chords, but they sound delightfully unpleasant. Famale vocals are spattered in here and there, when there’s dialouge by female entities. That too adds a dimension to the songs. The instruments are great as well. The rhythm section booms and commands, while the guitarists play freeze-tag at high speed. The keyboards add an operatic quality to the whole thing. The arrangements are interesting, as always. There are lightning-fast rhythm and melody changes, sudden drops in tone, tempo and volume, and swirling masses of seemingly dischordant sound all coming together into one entity. It’s tough to pin any track down to a simple tune, which is a good thing here, and these songs come off very sophisticated. It’s hard to avoid comparison to the band’s follow-up, ‘Cruelty and the Beast,’ since I heard that first, and I’d have to say that ‘Cruelty’ is much easier to access and more ornate, but ‘Dusk’ is definitely more intense and raw, and an excellent listen…..if you’re not scared of the dark.

    Posted on March 6, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • before i get into my review let me first say that these reviews are suppose to be helpful for potential buyers of this cd and its really annoying to me that some people come on here and dog out the cd just because they dont like metal. if you dont like the music then why waste the time? anyways on to the cd. Dusk and her Embrace is by far my favorite Cradle album and just may be my favorite album of all time. this was the first Cradle of Filth cd released in America but was released here in a different version. in the UK version the track list in almost the same (Malice through the looking glass was not in the UK release) and the order was different. the only thing i would say relatively disapoints me in the cd is that Carmilla’a Masque was not on this version but was on the UK one. anyways the first time or any time you listen to this cd you get this feeling that you are in a graveyard almost and feel spirits around you, this cd just gives off an unbelievably eerie and haunting vibe and i love it. the guitar work in my opinion is amazingly fantastic and the interludes are great, some people skip over the interludes but sometimes i listen to them over and over again. once again Dani comes back at us with lyrics about Vampires and such of that nature and the lyrics pan out to be absolutely wonderful. this is truly the cd that made me a die hard Cradle fan and i then went out and bought the other cds of theres. all in all i would recomend this cd highly to anyone into the metal style of music or fan of eerie sounds and such of that feel. my favorite track on this cd would probably be a tie between “Heaven Torn Asunder” and “Beauty Slept In Sodom” but they really come close to the other tracks so i would say the whole album is my favorite track. once again i just really wish they would put Carmilla’s Masque on this version for it sets the mood even more so. i am more than pleased with my purchase, i love the way this is produced and the order of the tracks just seemingly flow nicely. brief review with all the tracks get 5/5 stars from me, start to finish back to front no matter how you look at it this is one of the best pieces of music TODAY!

    Posted on March 6, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Over the past 4 years, Cradle Of Filth have become one of my favortie bands. They are always accused of making black metal popular, being sell-outs yeah whatever. I am not here to drown on about close minded fools. So onto the album.

    This is a beautiful album, I love every aspect of it. This is probably tied with cruelty and the beast as my favorite cof album. I just find the lyrics beautiful and inspiering in there own way. The music as well is just brutal at times and beautiful another/ If you are new to cof or black metal in general the vocal styles will be difficult to get used to at 1st. Now time for my thoughts on the songs themselves.

    Humana inspired to nightmare – 4/5 One of my favorite cof insurmentals truly beautiful.

    Heaven torn asunder – 4.5/5 A great full length song opener. Sets the mood well for this album

    Funeral in Carpathia – 20/5 My favorite song off of this album and one of my favorite cof songs in general, a beautiful epic.

    A gothic romance (red rose for the devils whor*) – 5/5 Probably the best example of beauty meets brutal on this album great lyrics as well.

    Malice through the looking glass – 6/5 An incredlbile song, I love the orchestrated intro

    Dusk and her embrace – 5/5 Title track for this album and a great song at that a real fan favorite.

    The graveyard by moonlight – 4/5 Another great instrumental worth a few listens

    Beauty slept in sodom – 15/5 2nd favorite song off of this album has some of cofs best lyrics.

    Haunted shores – The best possible closing song for this album I love the violen intro.

    So, to put an end to this review. This is a modern masterpiece in my eyes. I would not advice if you are new to cof to start with this album. My opinion is you buy maybe damnation and a day & lovecraft and witch hearts 1st. I hope you found some helpfulness in this review. Enjoy

    Posted on March 6, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • IF you want great epic black metal go take a look at Burzum or Satyricon. What we have here tho is what to me sounds like extreme gothic music with black metal influences. And my gosh is this a great combination.A friend of mine said that Dani’s considered the most talented rock vocalist in the world and I agree. He can do amazing things with his voice. And no, the screeching doesn’t bother me at all. It sounds like a true man or demon in agony.What I like about this CD is that it sounds really epic and romantic. I love the keyboard melodies. They compliment the atmosphere the guitar riffs set. Brutal yet strangely beautiful in a really twisted way. Visions of castles in the fog and werewolves howling in dark woods come to mind when I play this.This strange fusion of gothic romance and extreme music takes some getting used to but once the darkness and desolation penetrates your soul it will be etched on your brain forever.

    Posted on March 6, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now