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Dusk and Her Embrace

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  • IF you want great epic black metal go take a look at Burzum or Satyricon. What we have here tho is what to me sounds like extreme gothic music with black metal influences. And my gosh is this a great combination.A friend of mine said that Dani’s considered the most talented rock vocalist in the world and I agree. He can do amazing things with his voice. And no, the screeching doesn’t bother me at all. It sounds like a true man or demon in agony.What I like about this CD is that it sounds really epic and romantic. I love the keyboard melodies. They compliment the atmosphere the guitar riffs set. Brutal yet strangely beautiful in a really twisted way. Visions of castles in the fog and werewolves howling in dark woods come to mind when I play this.This strange fusion of gothic romance and extreme music takes some getting used to but once the darkness and desolation penetrates your soul it will be etched on your brain forever.

    Posted on March 6, 2010