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Dusk and Her Embrace

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  • Over the past 4 years, Cradle Of Filth have become one of my favortie bands. They are always accused of making black metal popular, being sell-outs yeah whatever. I am not here to drown on about close minded fools. So onto the album.

    This is a beautiful album, I love every aspect of it. This is probably tied with cruelty and the beast as my favorite cof album. I just find the lyrics beautiful and inspiering in there own way. The music as well is just brutal at times and beautiful another/ If you are new to cof or black metal in general the vocal styles will be difficult to get used to at 1st. Now time for my thoughts on the songs themselves.

    Humana inspired to nightmare – 4/5 One of my favorite cof insurmentals truly beautiful.

    Heaven torn asunder – 4.5/5 A great full length song opener. Sets the mood well for this album

    Funeral in Carpathia – 20/5 My favorite song off of this album and one of my favorite cof songs in general, a beautiful epic.

    A gothic romance (red rose for the devils whor*) – 5/5 Probably the best example of beauty meets brutal on this album great lyrics as well.

    Malice through the looking glass – 6/5 An incredlbile song, I love the orchestrated intro

    Dusk and her embrace – 5/5 Title track for this album and a great song at that a real fan favorite.

    The graveyard by moonlight – 4/5 Another great instrumental worth a few listens

    Beauty slept in sodom – 15/5 2nd favorite song off of this album has some of cofs best lyrics.

    Haunted shores – The best possible closing song for this album I love the violen intro.

    So, to put an end to this review. This is a modern masterpiece in my eyes. I would not advice if you are new to cof to start with this album. My opinion is you buy maybe damnation and a day & lovecraft and witch hearts 1st. I hope you found some helpfulness in this review. Enjoy

    Posted on March 6, 2010