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Dusk and Her Embrace

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  • before i get into my review let me first say that these reviews are suppose to be helpful for potential buyers of this cd and its really annoying to me that some people come on here and dog out the cd just because they dont like metal. if you dont like the music then why waste the time? anyways on to the cd. Dusk and her Embrace is by far my favorite Cradle album and just may be my favorite album of all time. this was the first Cradle of Filth cd released in America but was released here in a different version. in the UK version the track list in almost the same (Malice through the looking glass was not in the UK release) and the order was different. the only thing i would say relatively disapoints me in the cd is that Carmilla’a Masque was not on this version but was on the UK one. anyways the first time or any time you listen to this cd you get this feeling that you are in a graveyard almost and feel spirits around you, this cd just gives off an unbelievably eerie and haunting vibe and i love it. the guitar work in my opinion is amazingly fantastic and the interludes are great, some people skip over the interludes but sometimes i listen to them over and over again. once again Dani comes back at us with lyrics about Vampires and such of that nature and the lyrics pan out to be absolutely wonderful. this is truly the cd that made me a die hard Cradle fan and i then went out and bought the other cds of theres. all in all i would recomend this cd highly to anyone into the metal style of music or fan of eerie sounds and such of that feel. my favorite track on this cd would probably be a tie between “Heaven Torn Asunder” and “Beauty Slept In Sodom” but they really come close to the other tracks so i would say the whole album is my favorite track. once again i just really wish they would put Carmilla’s Masque on this version for it sets the mood even more so. i am more than pleased with my purchase, i love the way this is produced and the order of the tracks just seemingly flow nicely. brief review with all the tracks get 5/5 stars from me, start to finish back to front no matter how you look at it this is one of the best pieces of music TODAY!

    Posted on March 6, 2010