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  • Dokken returns with a tight, exceptional piece of work, musically they show that they have not lost any ground in their six-year absence. Most impressive is the continued evolving of George Lynch’s guitar playng. He adopts a little bit of the “less is more” rule and focuses a little more on the riffs over the solos. But his great solos are still aplenty on this album.The standout track by far is the seven-minute centerpiece “Too High To Fly”. Don’t by turned off by its time length, this is a captive, rocking track with a really good groove and it just kicks a** from beginning to end. Of of the best places to listen to this song is behind the wheel of your car flying down the highway. This should have been one of the top album-rock tracks of 1995. “Long Way Home” has a killer riff that echoes earlier Dokken. “Hole In My Head” is another fine Dokken anthem. “Lesser Of Two Evils” is another great cut, with a slightly funky groove. A little unkown chart fact about this album, this album was the highest debuting album on the Billboard 200 album chart the week it was released (around #45). No small feat for a band like Dokken in 1995. It is true, look it up. Too bad 1995 was a year of musical unenlightenment, where real rock and roll had little chance of being heard as much as it should have been . We were force-fed such vapid acts like Oasis, The Presidents of The U.S.A. and Hootie and The Blowfish. If you are a fan of these bands and are ready to slam my review, my question is this: Why are you here reading Dokken reviews ? My guess is that you are dying to be educated about real Rock music.

    Posted on January 17, 2010